Toco Training Excel 2010 Workshops

What are Excel 2010 Workshops ?

Toco Training Excel 2010 Workshops are half-day small-group sessions, available both to the public and to organisations, and which provide solutions to the real-life problems experienced by users of Excel spreadsheets.

The interactive hands-on approach adopted by our teacher-trainers encourages discussion, and learning by doing, and builds up your confidence in resolving day-to-day spreadsheet data issues.

Unlike most training companies we teach you more than just Excel. We'll show you how to create efficient and easy-to-maintain spreadsheets for your business.

If you prefer your training as a list of Excel functions then this course may not be for you because...

We don't present. We teach !

Who are they for ?

Excel 2010 Workshops are for those who wish to understand how spreadsheets need to be structured and maintained properly to get the most from data in the form of reports, tables, summaries and charts.

Beginners and first-time users of Excel may like to enrol in our Starting Out in Excel workshop before booking our other workshops.

If you have completed any Excel Beginners or Foundation course you will find the workshops an ideal platform for progressing to the next level.

More experienced users will gain from exploring the most common problems in Excel management, and employing time-saving techniques to resolve them.

And even advanced users will benefit from the wealth of tips, hints and quick fixes which can be applied to your business data.

What are the benefits ?

•   Excel 2010 Workshops are a cost-effective method of improving efficiency and productivity, allowing you to undertake a greater variety of tasks in the workplace.
•   Smaller group size - maximum of 6 - allows for ample discussion to explore the spreadsheet issues relevant to your business.
•   You will learn to apply standards and quality to your data sheets.
•   Compact training sessions ensure concentrated learning with minimal impact on your business due to absence.
•   We focus on HOW you use Excel and not the number of different functions you can be taught in a training session.

What will you learn ?

In designing our lessons we grouped together the types of spreadsheet tasks you may perform day-to-day.

From this we created our series of SIX Excel 2010 Workshops

•   Starting Out in Excel
•   Excel Essentials
•   Managing Your Data
•   Organising Your Data for Analysis
•   Visualising Your Data
•   Summarising Your Data with Pivot Tables

Now, you can choose the Excel training that is the most appropriate to how YOU work.

Managing Your Data

Data needs to be structured, validated, edited, formatted and stored to be accurate and useful. This workshop shows how.

•   Enter and import data into Excel
•   View your data in different ways
•   Structure your data logically
•   Clean and validate your data
•   Customise and format your data
•   Prepare your data for printing
•   Protect and save your data
•   Apply Excel 2010 'magic' to your data with Toco Tips and Tricks
Organising Your Data for Analysis

This workshop explores how data can be ordered, extracted and summarised for effective information analysis.

•   Sort your data
•   Filter your data
•   Search your data
•   Reference your data
•   Summarise your data
•   Count, total and perform calculations on your data
•   Print your formulas and data
•   Apply Excel 2010 'magic' to your data with Toco Tips and Tricks
Visualising Your Data

You will learn to transform data into business-relevant information such as tables, charts, graphs, reports and presentations.

•   Display your data based on their values
•   Present your data in grids and tables
•   Show your data in picture form
•   Export data to other documents
•   Select and print your data
•   Send your data by email
•   Apply Excel 2010 'magic' to your data with Toco Tips and Tricks

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