What is an Excel Personal Trainer?

An Excel Personal Trainer provides exclusive and individual hands-on desk-side support to help you manage your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Sitting alongside you, the Trainer will assist you with your real-life applications: advising, guiding, demonstrating best practices and teaching Excel solutions to common problems.

What is the objective?

The role of the Personal Trainer is to help you understand your own Excel workbooks so you may manage them with confidence. Where appropriate, the trainer may offer advice how improvements may be made.

You will learn those Excel skills that are especially relevant to your daily tasks and projects. For these more intensive learning sessions we limit their duration to 3 hours.

However, please remember, we are not a software development company and do not take on Excel application projects.

Who is it for?

Administrators, Executives, Project Managers, Analysts, PMOs, Business owners, HR personnel, Accountants, Finance Officers.....in other words, ALL those regular users of Excel who wish to be masters of their own spreadsheets.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased Productivity - learn to get more done in less time with our quick tips and smart techniques.
  • Cost-effective - with no travel or venue expenses to pay, the cost benefits from an in-house 3-hour session will be immediate.
  • Convenient and flexible - learning at your own workplace reduces the time taken out of your work schedule.
  • Fast-track learning - accelerated-learning techniques for quicker progress and results.
  • Relevant to work - find real solutions to real problems in your own job-specific spreadsheets.
  • Improve your position - add value and knowledge to your role within your organisation from which team colleagues can benefit.
  • Confidence - relevant Excel skills to your business leads to greater confidence and better decision-making.
  • Technical independence - you will learn to become self-reliant in your Excel problem-solving. Our interactive method of training encourages you to ask, discover and answer your own questions.