After consecutive careers, first in teaching and then as a Software Developer, Managing Director Phil Smith formed the company in 1989 to provide software development and computer consultancy to blue-chip clients such as BP, Barclays Bank, HSBC, Dell Computers and AXA.

In 2003, the company reformed as Toco Group Ltd and IT training was added to their portfolio. This expanded in its own right and Toco began to offer specialised computer coaching to small and large businesses alike.

During this period it became apparent the people most neglected in IT instruction were those responsible for sending their staff on computer courses, namely, the managers.

Thus, Toco Training was formed to fill a gap and provide the skills required by managers, professionals, business owners and their staff to use IT more effectively.

As for the frog....well, that's another story !

We have 4 principles at Toco which we aspire to :

•   All training should be learner-centred
•   Make it simple, make it interesting, make it relevant, make it fun
•   Involve, engage and interact with the learner
•   Quality, quality and quality